Thursday, 11 June 2009

Creating a Professional Website the easy way

I have a couple of websites, one I designed using Dreamweaver 3 quite a few years ago (and it looks like it!) which is my website and the other I designed and produced using X-SitePro2. Now X-SitPro2 isn't as versatile, and doesn't have some of the advanced features of Dreamweaver but what it does do, it does fantastically well. You produce static html webpages, but you can add video, audio, Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, PayPal buttons and stacks more with a few clicks of the mouse.

Updating your site is a breeze. If, for instance you wanted to edit the navigation or indeed change the entire look, then you can carry out your edit, or even choose a different navigation design altogether and X-SitePro2 updates the whole site for you - magic.

I produced my website with X-Site Pro2 and it was a breeze! I can add images or links to the header, side panels or footer and it'll be updated site-wide in an instant. It's so easy. It's not surprising that PC Adviser gave it a glowing review - see it here

You can also check out the review I wrote on my about-guitar-amps website at

Oh - it's a Windows only based software - Shame, I'd like a Mac version too

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