Saturday, 2 May 2009

Record Quality Audio on your iPhone

FiRe !!! no - don't panic - not that sort of fire. FiRe is an app for your iPhone. I've just downloaded it, at great cost £3.49 : ) ! and it's brilliant.
I wanted to be able to record quality audio to my iPhone and this app does just that. I can record my band practices and new songs, share the recordings with the other band members so easily.
So what does your £3.49 get you.....?

Record low, medium or high quality audio from internal or an external microphone. Excellent level meters, visual waveform creation as it records, insert markers, navigate audio with taps and double taps on the screen, export audio, email audio.....

It's great, and I dont have to fork out mega bucks on a portable audio recorder now. Find out more about it at

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