Friday, 17 April 2009

Bad things about the Apple Mac

It might be just me but the Finder on the Mac (which is equivalent to Windows Explorer) I find rather cluttered. There are different views available which helps a little, but it's nowhere near as easy to find files and folders as it is in Windows Explorer.

My IMac 24 came with a small keyboard - no numerical keypad, home key, delete key - why's that? I don't know either. I really like the keyboard operation though and I can type must faster and easier than on the microsoft keyboard on my XP PC - BUT - I'm going to have to buy the full keyboard. I would have thought that an Apple Mac which is supposed to be for 'professionals' would have come with the full monty. (Even an option to have the full keyboard would have been nice)

Firefox - I miss the icons on the bookmark toolbar. It's all text on the Mac - wonder why?

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