Saturday, 28 March 2009

Apple Mac - using iMovie

I wish it was female then I could say I'm in love!

I tried out iMovie last night which is Apple's video editing software packaged with the Imac. It's slightly limited in that you can't fade video in and out (unless I missed something), although you can audio. Video is easy to import as is audio, in fact I used sounds and samples from the imac library which are really nice. Audio clips were easy to add to my video and I was able to turn down the sound that I had recorded with the original video as it wasn't very good. Adding new sound files is easy by 'dragging and dropping' Audio can be moved/dragged around, and editing the track length and fade in and out where necessary was just a mouse movement away.

Transitions - you know the fancy page curls, wipes etc etc are part of the package - these are once again just dragged into the editing pane as are text options.

Rendering the project was straight forward which was saved as in H264 format.

You can see the fruits of my labours below. Images were projected onto buildings in the Museum Gardens here in York UK. It was an amazing site of which I only captured a small part.

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