Saturday, 24 January 2009

Happy Birthday Apple Mac - You're 50.....

Well the Apple Mac is 50 eh... A bit younger than me which doesn't make me feel great but still. I've often threatened to change to a Mac - everyone tells me how great they are -"oh it's so stable and easy to use" "no blue screens of death" blad de blah de blah.... but I have so much software which runs on PC only, including some pretty expensive stuff so for me and many others too I guess it's difficult to jump ship from the safe warm cuddly PC : ) Ok, I have to admit I'd like one - it would look so cool on my desk : ) and yes they do 'just work' which PC's often 'just don't'! Listening to friends who use Macs - ideally you need both, but that's a real luxury for most people - after all you could buy two pretty high spec PC's for the price of one Mac.

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