Thursday, 5 April 2007

Marshall AVT 20

Just had a Marshall AVT20 in for repair. We've seen plenty of the larger AVT's but the 20 is not that common and I don't know why. It's a cracking little amp!

I think it may have been replaced by the AVT20X - don't know what the difference is apart from a prettier front panel : )

Anyway this would be a good new or second hand buy. The sound is warm, with good control over distortion on the overdrive channel and a nice, if somewhat understated clean channel. It has all you would need in a small guitar amp - A great sounding Spring Reverb (3 spring), EQ, Headphone socket, DI (simulated) socket, CD IN socket, and and external speaker socket.
The unit has a closed back, a 10 inch Celestion Speaker and a 12AX7 tube (valve) preamp which gives a warm cuddly sound but with punch.

As a side note, the AVT had come in for repair - it had a blown output chip, but this was easily fixed in half an hour or so, plus Marshall supplied the part for nothing - bless um!

If you're in the market for a this type of guitar amp, then this is the one - it's brill!


Alex said...

Yes I have one - It was difficult to find but I'm dead pleased with it

ernest said...

Dear David; I have an avt 20 in for repairs at music manor in lansing, I guess the schematicss are hard to locate. could you possibly send schematics to attention, Dan. It would be greatly appreciated. You can catch me and some friends on Youtube Americanchronic. (Sat. night open mic at Duffy's Food and Spirits, Jackson, Michigan.) Thank You ... Ernie.