Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Ebay and Buying Used Guitar Amps

Although there is an article on the about-guitar-amps.com website about buying used guitar amps, I would like to mention here again about dangers of buying on Ebay or buying before seeing /trying /inspecting.

I have nothing against Ebay and have purchased various goodies myself, including electronics, (which weren't without faults) but one fact remains constant....

We regularly get amplifiers in for repair, I mean most weeks, from people who have bought on Ebay and have real problems with their purchases.
The latest was a Fender Pro Reverb - This is the list of faults!
  • 12AT7 smashed - No Reverb
  • EL34's fitted instead of 6L6's - Would have been ok if mods to electronics had been carried out.
  • Main earth to chassis resoldered very badly. I pulled the cable gently and it fell off! - Lethal.
  • Smoothing capacitors replaced with oversized cases so the 'can' wouldn't screw down to the chassis properly and bits of cardboard stuck to the inside of the 'can' to stop HT (400 volts plus!) from shorting to the chassis. - This fault with the combination of non existant earth - well....BIG bang plus one possible fried guitarist.
  • Various other dry joints/broken bits and pieces.
In short - a disaster waiting to happen.
The problem as I see it is that the seller may not know how bad or dangerous their guitar amp really is.
They may have paid loads of money getting the thing 'fixed' to sell, so they can advertise it as 'Fully Serviced' - who knows? And there the problem lies - Who Knows?
So beware - If you are buying without being able to check the amp out properly, make sure you get the seller to give you a trial period, or some sort of money back guarantee.
If they won't 'play ball' then take your money else where.

Be Safe - Take a look at the article Buying Used Guitar Amps on our website - It could save you a lot of time and trouble.

Have you bought Used Guitar Amps and gear? What experience have you had? Leave a comment...

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