Sunday, 28 May 2006

Eric Clapton and Grumpy Old Men

Well he was brill! I'm 50, he's 'whatever' plays guitar weelie weelie well, even better than me : ) I felt at home. The audience were my age ish. My son pointed out the only younger people there were with their parents : )

Sheffield was the venue - not too big then but a good time was had by all. My thanks to my son's, James and Jon for a great 50th birthday present.

I hated the car park though. 5000000 cars all trying to get out of one exit controlled by traffic lights - great design you Sheffield Arena folk! It turned the average driver into a "no! you're not getting out before me mate - whatever" sort of person. A middle aged sporty mercedes driver was one of the worst. No eye contact, creeping up behind everyone, not leaving an inch between his car and the next, just in case someone with a very very very very short car might squeeze in front of him and make it home 10 seconds before him - what a sad !!* hole........ oh dear, I've turned into a gumpy old man.......... at last.

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