Thursday, 27 April 2006

A visual Search Engine?

I was looking at the traffic reports for my website when I noticed a referrer from Someone had found my website because of the favicon.ico image I use (the little image that comes up in the address bar of your browser). Well it's certainly a different way to find websites although I really thought it was a bit crazy at first, or maybe another great way to loose an hour or two : )
The motivation behind this search engine is apparently a resource for webmasters and surfers alike. It is a good way for looking at the design webmasters use for their icons, especially if you're designing an image for your own website. Plus according to Dr Peter Andrews who designed the site - "If a webmaster was diligent enough to create a great eye-catching icon, it is likely the site will be wonderful as well"

If you pop across to you'll be presented with 243 (or there abouts) icons and up to 5000 at a time (so be patient) if you do a search, and of course a click on the icon takes you off to the relevant website.

This is
an interesting way to search believe it or not - you'll end up finding all sorts of sites you wouldn't naturally find using a conventional text search. I guess the result of your click is an interpretation of how you see the favicon.ico
You might even want to add your favicon image to their database. You never know, it might bring you some traffic - it did for me.

Have fun.

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