Monday, 23 January 2006

You may have just blocked your own email address!!!

Lately I been receiving spam emails (as usual) from various people selling the same old rubbish - body part enhancing stuff - business logos - you know the sort of thing. I usually add the sender to my blocked email list in Outlook Express but today I blocked my own email address......

When I right clicked on the unopened email and looked at 'properties' then 'details' the sender and return address was my address! These underhanded idiots have somehow been able to insert my address so if I add 'sender' to Outlook's blocked email list, I block my own emails.
The only common thread I have so far is they appear to originate via SquirrelMail.

What beats me is, how any business expects to make sales when they employ these sort of tactics. I wouldn't buy anything from them if they were the last company on earth. I wonder if they even know that this is the sort of tactics that are being used. I assume they buy into some dodgy list and to hell with business ethics....

I guess the moral of the story is to check what the senders address is before you add to any 'blocked' or 'black' email list.

Thanks for reading - I feel better now :)

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