Monday, 30 January 2006

Still plenty of good, free stuff amongst the grot

Amongst the rubbish, the scams, the adverts, the pop up's It never ceases to amaze me how much really good, free information there is on the internet. I was checking out audio software on a search engine called which isn't really a search engine at all, but a collection of favourite websites/pages. If you search for 'audio software' as I did, up comes some excellent sites with excellent content and information. Your search results aren't based on how keyword rich the site is, how many inward links it has, how search engine friendly the pages are, but on real people who have visited the site and added it, as 'their favourite' to the pages or search engine or list or what you want to call it. What a brill idea..... check it out it works well... anyway I wanted to tell you about the site I found which is Everything on the site is free. Network software, Audio software, Programming Info, System software, DirectX plugins (which is what I was interested in) all good stuff. The DirectX page has vocal removers, for the karaoke fans out there, gates, DC offset removers etc etc. I tried the vocal remover - it installed, it worked and it was stable. What more can you want.

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